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 Historical Re-enactment Nostra Principalissima Patrona a Castellammare del Golfo

Historical Re-enactment Nostra Principalissima Patrona a Castellammare del Golfo

Feast of the patron saint Our Lady of Help August 20. Historical re-enactment "Our Principalissima Patron" in Castellammare del Golfo (Trapani), in honor of the patron saint Maria SS. del Soccorso.

The event which proposes the re-enactment happens July 13, 1718, when Castellammare finds himself at the center of events of war; had broken out, in fact, the war between King Philip V of Spain and Amedeo of Savoy for the possession of Sicily. A cargo ship Spanish, followed by five British ships, is to take refuge in the castle, where he finds those who undertake to take lavishing defenses to repel the enemy ships; these, irritated by the damage suffered, respond to the attack by firing with their artillery. The imminent danger, the people, stunned and trembling, rushes at the foot of his patron, begging loudly a powerful aid. All they flee, abandoning their homes and cities, and while they disperse in the countryside seeking escape, despite artillery English, none does any harm. But suddenly, to the amazement of everyone, from the mountain of stairs it appears the white-clad Madonna followed by a host of angels, also dressed in white, that go down to the Marina. This vision frightens the British who leave our sea headed for other ports.

Passion play "Our Principalissima Patron" at the Cala Marina of Castellammare del Golfo. The event, created by the desire to introduce an extraordinary event in the history and faith of the city, as well as being a gesture of deep piety and devotion to the patroness "Maria SS. of Relief ", it is also a cultural event of great intensity and popular participation. The facts are represented through the exciting blend of narrative voices, choirs and music, in a blaze of light, sound and pyrotechnic effects, studied and designed for the sites and scenery of the Gulf of Castellammare, giving the whole staging a particular suggestion.

Viewers from the front side to the sea of ​​"Marina" have the vision of the event, when the last rays of the sun fade and rise night lights that embrace the sea and the castle; the sea surface immersed in total darkness, reflects and amplifies the lights and fireworks, giving the show a background image and a magical atmosphere. Evocative music will introduce the appearance of the image of the Madonna del Soccorso, the pyrotechnics will be particularly effective: fountains fuocodanzeranno between the sea and the sky, creating phantasmagorical effects. Follow the traditional sea procession of the statue of Our Lady of Help, accompanied by countless boats. The joy will explode with a concert by music and fireworks. Banners fire, fountains pyrotechnic fireworks fixed and pyrotechnic balls will create an exciting scene in which gold and silver, combined with a variety of colors, are assembled and dancing in the canvas of the sky. The event concludes with the procession to the Mother Church of all listed

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