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A charming Borgo Antico in the heart of Scopello

A red rock that looks to the East, overlooking the gulf: here lies the ancient village of Scopello (from the Greek Skopelòs: rock), a few kilometers from the town of Castellammare del Golfo, near Trapani. A seventeenth century (from bahal: courtyard), surrounded by a few houses standing, a small paved square, a stone trough. High, stands the Bennistra tower (XVI sec.) Overlooking the green valley. Higher up, the wood of Scopello, once home to deer, wolves and wild boars, recalls the hunting of Ferdinand III of Bourbon king of the two Sicilies, which elected him to towards the vertigo of Mount Sparagio (200 mt), rank royal reserve.

Theatre of historical events, Scopello and its territory is surrounded by an air of mystery fueled by the legends and stories of the old country. Atmosphere appealing, engaging, such as hospitality and Scopello has. The traditional cuisine based on fish, the gastronomic specialties of agricultural civilization, the local school ceramics, exhibitions and cultural events, the nearby Zingaro Nature Reserve, the possibility of staying in comfortable homes and comfortable guest houses offer visitors the opportunity to spend a great experience, where nature and culture compete


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